Guidance by Dipanjan Sir (Online and Offline)
Mathematics - Statistics - Econometrics


For UG Students (both online and Offline)
  • Mathematics (Minor)
  • Statistics (Minor)
  • Econometrics (Major)
For Entrance Exams (both online and Offline)
  • IIT (JAM, for Economics)
  • ISI (MSQE)
  • DSE (MA/MSc)
  • JNU (MA/MSc)
Online Only
  • Advance Calculus (11th & 12th ONLY)
  • Probability and Probability Distribution (11th & 12th ONLY)
North Kolkata
South Kolkata


Dipanjan Bhattacharya has more than 30 years of teaching experience and is widely popularly and fondly known as DB Sir among his students. He graduated in Mathematics (Major) and completed his Post Graduation in Statistics. He has also consulted with West Bengal Statistical Consultancy Services (WEBCON).

He takes a keen interest in understanding the subject matter and making it easy and approachable. He has completed his Actuarial Science Papers – in Statistics (CT3), Statisticakl Models(CT6) and Statistical and Math related Project Work (CT9).

He has students who excelled in competitive exams while excelling in University courses. No wonder, most of the students clearing entrance exams are his students.

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